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Please note that this WIKI is under development
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Our tools are intuitive to use. But they are also feature-rich. This wiki aims to help you make the most out of your subscriptions, to get up-to-speed quickly, and to find new features so you can work smarter, more efficiently and more proactively. Please explore, use for training, and revisit as often as needed.

Please note that not all customers subscribe to the same products, so you may not see all of these features in your gateway.

Please do feel free to contact us to discuss adding new products.

Access video

The most frequently used tools in the ICPI repertoire


VideoMatics is our online portal to access reports, trends, data & more


TurtelMatrix is our bespoke tracking solution - use trips & maps


In-cab trigger to mark a location, record and initiate video download


The starting point when you login to any of our services


View, book, reschedule or chat about maintenance work

Are You Ready To Start?


Deliveries or collections?

Collaborative route planning and tracking for complex multi-stage journeys. Keep your customer fully informed - with automated SMS messaging and tracking to the door.

What is consilium?

Consilium is a Latin word that simply means ‘plan’ or ‘arrange’. Using this scheduling, routing & notification platform, drivers sequence their stops; customers track the vehicle; and managers have total top-down visibility.
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Onboard sensors?

If you have legacy sensors/ monitors on your vehicles, now you can connect them to your head office through the Internet of Things. For example, axle-load weight monitors or thermometers.

What is interpres?

Interpres is a Latin word that simply means ‘translator’. It is the name we chose for our innovative system that receives a signal from almost any monitor or sensor, converts to digital, and transmits to the cloud.
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