How to access video

Whether you wish to see video in a live-stream, or download video evidence from any point in the last 28 days, it could not be easier to access the video you need right from your desk.

Live streaming

From the Vehicle Status page, you can see whether a vehicle is active or not. If it is active, the camera icon will appear. Click on the icon to be taken directly to a live video stream.

You can also access this live stream from the vehicle detail page, where the icon makes it clear whether the vehicle is on or off at the time.

From our Gateway:


From TurtelMatrix tracking & telematics:


From Webfleet:

Remember to regularly clean your lenses

Please remember to clean any and all external lenses. The rear lens, in particular, has a habit of getting obscured by dirt splashing up from the road surface – expecially in winter.

Dirty lensesview

Vault - PlayBack video

You can request video from any point in the last 28 days to be downloaded from your vehicle for keeping.

Just as for accessing Live Video Streaming – there are multiple ways to request video download from your vehicles. Most of these take you to a form, where you can enter the date and time you need video from. NB Please note, video is stored on board for 28 days, so you must download within this time-frame.

The request form is partially completed with the details from the point of access (such as registration).

Within VideoMatics, click on any vehicle, then click the ‘request playback’ button:

From TurtelMatrix tracking & click on any ‘breadcrumb’ to download video from any point in time:

A link to your Video Vault will be emailed to you, so you must use an email address that has been authorised. To request authorisation, please contact Support@ICanProve.IT
Video download is not only on request (manual). There are multiple events that we can automate. For example, a collision event, harsh braking, sudden swerving, speeding. You can also set a geographical zone, where leaving or entering triggers an automatic download.

Understand your PlayBack vault video

Quickly find the point of interest in any PlayBack video by running your mouse along the video timeline.
Depot details, driver and vehicle info are included, with links to further information within our data & analytics gateway. All blue text is clickable – allowing you to drill down to more reports.

There are more details under your video, depending on your service subscriptions. These will scroll, though you can select the one of interest by clicking on the radio button.

The first view shows telematics details of the event, behind that are charts showing driver or vehicle-specific trends.

There is a button to take you to more data analysis in online live reports.

If your subscription includes it, you will have ‘Dashboard’ as a menu item.

The dashboard view is timed to match your video playback with speed, acceleration, fuel & braking info.

The black circle shows you how often the data is updating.

Obviously, if you are sharing video with a third-party (police, insurer, etc), you will not want to give them access to reports, other videos or all of your data. Just email support@ICanProve.IT to ask for any video link to be converted into a sharing link. The video will play in context, but without any links to take you deeper.

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