Gateway - access all services

Gateway.ICanProve.IT is the single point of access for all of our services. Login is protected by Auth0.


All of our services can be accessed in a single Gateway:

  1. go to Gateway.ICanProve.IT
  2. if this is your first visit, you will need to verify your email address – please check your junk mail folder for a message from Auth0, with a verification link
  3. after the first visit, you will also need to choose your own secure password

If you forget your password, please click the auth0 link in gateway. You will then receive an email to your authorised address. This will allow you to reset your password.

Account overview

When you login, you will see your account summary and buttons to take you to your services. The specific services shown will vary depending on your company subscriptions.

Click to see users & depots.

When finished in Gateway, you can logout to close the session (particularly useful if you share a workstation).

Access reporting & video

To access video, data-reporting and analytics, please click on ‘Videomatics’. This will take you to your video vault, to event reporting, to vehicle & driver information, and to maintenance scheduling.

All aspects of using Videomatics are as they were before we launched our Gateway. It is only the mechanism of access that has changed.


Click on the appropriate depot to access video & reports.


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