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Videmus cameras and TurtelMatrix tracking proposal for Simply Parcels
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Gavin Urtel

Managing Director
Busy though he is, Gavin is always happy to explain the many wonderful features of ICPI technology.
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Angel Fleming

Service Manager
Angel is a great first point of contact for any query about your services, installations or technology.
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Videmus – video

High-quality reliable video – live, review, or securely downloaded in vault

Turtelmatrix – tracking

Reliable, powerful, simple tracking tools to see all vehicles, all trips & access video

Health reporting

Many rich, real-time reports, including the health of on-board technology, trends & compliance.

Product specification

Multiple possible add-ons


Arrange your daily pickups / deliveries / drop offs in collaboration between driver and head office teams. With interactive alerts to customers, visibility of arrivals, and more.

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Connect existing on-board technology (such as axle-load weight monitors or temperature sensors) to our internet-connected digital technology to monitor remotely.

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