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Easy to use

Single-click access to video from your vehicle any time, anywhere.
Live: as long as the vehicle ignition is on, you can jump in to see if your driver is safe
Review: quickly scan through video to identify any period of concern
Vault: video from all lenses is downloaded remotely and stored securely



Whenever the vehicle ignition is on, video is being captured, and you can have confidence in getting the footage you need, when needed. Without leaving your desk, even if the vehicle is many miles away, via a secure private internet connection, you can access video online.



You control the events that trigger video download – whether these are driving behaviours (like speeding or swerving), geography (leaving an expected area or route), or (of course) a crash event. Automation removes the human-error element to gathering evidence.

What does Videmus look like?

Great quality video

Our high-resolution AXIS lenses are almost indestructible. Crystal-clear images, with very wide-angle fields of view, maximise your chance of capturing the video you need.


The camera system we fit is not only great quality, but is also network-enabled via a secure mobile connection. Video is downloaded and available when you need it.

All-round views

You can avoid blindspots in your vehicles' video with multiple lenses that all play in a single screen. Giving you a great understanding of any incident, even at the side or rear.

Full context

We don't just give you great video, we set video into the context. Video plays with a map, telematics, driver info, braking, speed, behaviour trends, vehicle usage, and more.

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