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    Videmus: Live

    See what is happening NOW on any vehicle

    • multiple high-quality lenses
    • discreet fittings
    • all-round views

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    Clear, consistent fleet performance analysis online

    • live, always-up-to-date data
    • driver and vehicle profiles
    • trends over time and place

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    TurtelMatrix telematics

    Integrated tracking, behaviour and fuel monitoring

    • single-click access
    • two-way integration
    • video at the heart of fleet management

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    Videmus: Vault

    Video after the event, played in context

    • maps, telematics
    • driver and vehicle profiles
    • claims resolved quickly and easily

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    Easy-to-use scheduling, routing & notifications

    • drivers sequence their stops
    • customer notifications with tracking link
    • and managers have total top-down visibility

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    Axis lenses as standard

    Top quality lenses and cameras

    • fitted, discreet and rugged
    • typically outlast the vehicle
    • connected through the Internet of Things

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    What will it look like?

    No trailer too big; no van that’s too small
    Our flexible cameras are perfect for all

    Also available:


    Digitise any existing on-board technology

    • axle-weight monitoring
    • temperature monitoring
    • automated tailored alerts

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    Infringement trend analysis, tracking and reporting.

    Vechicle check
    Vehicle walk-around pre-journey safety check list with audit trail.

    Maintenance booking and tracking
    Maintenance booking and technology health reporting are included in the Videomatics reporting platform – allowing you better oversight and the ability to chat to engineers and fitters directly.

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    Videmus – onboard camera solutions

    up to 16 lenses per vehicle
    0 °
    all-round visibility


    > 0
    customisable reports
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    live up-to-date data

    VideoMatics is a single point-of-access for reporting, visualising and analysing all your on-board technology and data.

    The way vehicles are being used, idling time, driving events – we have a tailored report for you: rapid visual understanding, backed up by video as and when needed.

    Technology health and maintenance

    TurtelMatrix telematics

    Maps – asset tracking and access

    In TurtelMatrix, you can instantly see all of your vehicles. Pins show their status and location. Click on pins to access detail and further options:

    • VideoMatics data analysis
    • LiveView video streaming
    • Route finder
    • Previous trips

    Asset info – drill down into detail

    Current status of your vehicle, complete history of alerts, timeline of events, history of all vehicle trips, and more...

    Zone reporting

    Need to know when a vehicle leaves or enters any defined area (such as your depots, for example)? Simple! And notifications pop up, SMS, or email.

    Find your closest asset

    Use the sidebar option on the map screen
    to find the vehicle closest to any point on the globe.

    Trip reporting

    See every vehicle journey, and quickly request video from any point in time with a single click. Colour coding of 'breadcrumbs' quickly highlights events.

    Alerts and notifications

    In a single screen, reveiw all the alerts for each of your tracked assets. You may want to act on a high-priority alert instantly, but you will still want to see those low-priority alerts and understand them better.


    Interpres is a Latin word that simply means ‘translator’.

    It is the name we chose for our innovative system that receives a signal from almost any monitor or sensor, converts to digital, and transmits to the cloud. Personalised SMS alerts allow fingertip control from any distance.


    Consilium is a Latin word that simply means ‘plan’ or ‘arrange’.

    Using this scheduling, routing & notification platform, drivers sequence their stops; customers track the vehicle; and managers  have total top-down visibility.