Key features

  • High quality, wide-angle lens
  • Discreet fitting that won’t ruin your lines or your looks
  • Clear view of the road for you and your driver
  • Connected and automated video access
  • Full Videmus: Connect functionality
  • Full VideoMatics data analysis
  • Tamper-proof, fitted units

Why choose DashCam-Pro?

DashCam-Pro is the ideal solution for smarter fleet cars and smaller vans. It uses a relatively wide-angle (91⁰) high-definition pinhole lens from Axis*. The compact main unit connects to the Internet of Things, wherever you are.

We install the lens in such a way that there is no visible camera: nothing to alter the professional look and styling within the vehicle, and nothing to block your drivers’ view of the road ahead.

No simple dash-cam, this solution is fully a part of our professional enterprise-level fleet range. It can be seamlessly integrated with your fleet management solution for single point of access. The reliability of an always-on, tamper-proof camera combines with remote connectivity to ensure that your video capture is automated in the event of any driving incident – as well as being available for LiveView and historic video PlayBack on request.