ICanProve.IT technology for Target



See what is happening NOW on any vehicle

  • multiple high-quality lenses
  • discreet fittings
  • all-round views

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Live technology health reporting

  • view faults and alerts in real-time
  • schedule maintenance
  • chat to the engineers

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PlayBack Connect

Video after the event, played in context

  • maps, telematics
  • driver and vehicle profiles
  • claims resolved quickly and easily

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Telematics and tracking solutions

  • route overview
  • integrated access to video
  • find nearest vehicle

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Clear, consistent fleet performance analysis online

  • live, always-up-to-date data
  • driver and vehicle profiles
  • trends over time and place

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Axis lenses as standard

Top quality lenses and cameras

  • fitted, discreet and rugged
  • typically outlast the vehicle
  • connected through the Internet of Things

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What will it look like?

No trailer too big; no van that’s too small
Our flexible cameras are perfect for all

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Digitise any existing on-board technology

  • axle-weight monitoring
  • temperature monitoring
  • automated tailored alerts

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Infringement trend analysis, tracking and reporting.

Vechicle check
Vehicle walk-around pre-journey safety check list with audit trail.

Using this scheduling, routing & notification platform, drivers sequence their stops; customers track the vehicle; and managers have total top-down visibility.

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Videmus – onboard camera solutions

up to 16 lenses per vehicle
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all-round visibility


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customisable reports
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live up-to-date data

VideoMatics is a single point-of-access for reporting, visualising and analysing all your on-board technology and data.

The way vehicles are being used, idling time, driving events – we have a tailored report for you: rapid visual understanding, backed up by video as and when needed.

Technology health and maintenance


Interpres is a Latin word that simply means ‘translator’.

It is the name we chose for our innovative system that receives a signal from almost any monitor or sensor, converts to digital, and transmits to the cloud. Personalised SMS alerts allow fingertip control from any distance.


Consilium is a Latin word that simply means ‘plan’ or ‘arrange’.

Using this scheduling, routing & notification platform, drivers sequence their stops; customers track the vehicle; and managers  have total top-down visibility.


TurtelMatrix is our own telematics offering, allowing you to track vehicles in real time.

Find your nearest vehicle; view routes with multiple breadcrumbs to access journey details, including video.