ICanProve.IT technology on Elis vehicles



See what is happening NOW on any vehicle

  • multiple high-quality lenses
  • discreet fittings
  • all-round views

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Tachograph infringements

Infringement analysis over time and place

  • infringement trends
  • severity and cetegory
  • driver profile infringement charts

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PlayBack Connect

Video after the event, played in context

  • maps, telematics
  • driver and vehicle profiles
  • claims resolved quickly and easily

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WEBFLEET integration

Integrated tracking, behaviour and fuel monitoring

  • single-click access
  • two-way integration
  • video at the heart of fleet management

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Clear, consistent fleet performance analysis online

  • live, always-up-to-date data
  • driver and vehicle profiles
  • trends over time and place

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User manual

Your guide to using ICanProve.IT

  • get more out of your tech
  • improve depot performance

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Digitise any existing on-board technology

  • axle-weight monitoring
  • temperature monitoring
  • any onboard sensor can connect

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First notification of loss
Report a new road accident and initiate claims handling in one smooth process.

Licence check
Connect with central records to confirm driver licences are clean.

Vechicle check
Vehicle walk-around pre-journey safety check list with audit trail.

Damage control, with integrated video to show timelines and story for any vehicle harm.

Impact of ICanProve.IT and WEBFLEET technology:

Videmus – onboard camera solutions

up to 16 lenses per vehicle
0 °
all-round visibility


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customisable reports
0 %
live up-to-date data

VideoMatics is a single point-of-access for reporting, visualising and analysing all your on-board technology and data.

The way vehicles are being used, fuel efficiency, idling time, driving events – we have a tailored report for you: rapid visual understanding, backed up by video as and when needed.

Tachograph integration

New to your VideoMatics online portal – now featuring tacho infringement trend reporting to improve your understanding of fleet dynamics:

  • infringement trends for each depot by severity and cetegory
  • all infringements listed in tables – sort or filter as required
  • driver profile page now includes infringement charts

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Whether you want to access your video solution from your FMS software, or you are looking to have FMS data (like driver behaviour monitoring) filtering in to your VideoMatics portal charts, through smart API integration we can give seamless two-way interaction.