Videmus: Connect

We make video even more powerful by adding context, automation and analysis. Videmus: connect is a contextual frame for your video – displaying video alongside route maps, vehicle information, driver information, telematics, and even dashboard data (such as indicator-use, braking, speed, etc).


DashMatics offers a way to make video evidence even more powerful, by pulling data from the on-board vehicle systems. A virtual dashboard shows how your vehicle is being driven – perfectly timed to coincide with the video. A correlation that is protected, no matter what speed you choose to play your video.

Videmus: Interpres

Whatever you monitor on your vehicles, whether it is weight load on your axles, temperature in refrigerated units, cement mix consistency, or any other variable. Videmus: Interpres acts as a smart on-board interpreter between your mission-critical monitors and our live-reporting and trend analysis tools.


VideoMatics is a single point-of-access for reporting, visualising and analysing all your on-board technology and data. Whatever you need to know – fuel efficiency, idling time, driving events – VideoMatics has a tailored report for you: rapid visual understanding, backed up by video as and when needed.

Elis reported:
Fuel costs cut by 10%
Incidents of unsafe driving cut by: 58%
Speeding virtually eradicated 99%
£ 0 m
Total saving in fuel costs
£ 0 m
Insurance claims handling saving
Carbon emissions cut by (tonnes)