We are proud and excited to announce, from May2022, a new union in the fast-paced, and rapidly evolving world of fleet technology & IT support. ICanProve.IT (UK & RSA), Observit (Sweden) and SITOC Ltd (UK) are joining together to become a single company – Observit – with a truly global reach.

Your partner for Fleet Management Visibility Control Compliance Efficiency


Up to 16 lenses – or just one – on each of your vehicles. Instant, constant, consistent visibility from reliable, digital video.


Be there with your driving crew
Get yourself an all-round view
Solve a claim in minutes flat
Know what's what and where they're at
Learn about our lenses...

Sensor reporting

Connect existing on-board technology – like axle-load weight sensors or thermometers – to a clever little box that sends your data to a secure cloud.


Connect tech to the internet
Automate so you can't forget
Reporting live & saved for later
Capture, keep and use your data
Turn analogue to digital...


Our scheduling, routing and notification platform. Driver control, top-down visibility. Customers can track the vehicle to their door.


Organise your driving day
Let people know you're on the way
Share a map, send a link
Easy as pie, quick as a wink
Transform your planning...

Not just vehicles

Talk to us about remote technology for cabins, junction boxes, weigh bridges, cranes and more...
Static units


Our secure and reliable online platform makes it incredibly easy to access video, to understand trends, and more...


Get in touch

We could talk for hours about our technology, and our innovative approach to improving safety for your fleet. Please do get in touch with any questions.


Head Office, 4 Gleneagles Court, Brighton Road, Crawley, RH10 6AD
Workshop, 12 Spring Gardens, ParkLane, Crowborough, TN6 2QN


02038 555 201




ICanProve.IT is a company registered in England and Wales under number 9055249 In May 2022, ICanProve.IT merged with Observit   a fantastic opportunity to develop more services that are faster, stronger and better – and we have ensured that we will always be at the cutting edge of new-generation, intelligent, hassle-free cloud computing services.

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