Videmus: we see and observe

We offer you new and better ways to connect and protect your teams, trucks, and equipment out and about. Fitting your vehicles with connected, automated camera systems from Videmus: Fleet will help you to reduce fleet risk. While Videmus: Sentinel guards on-site units.

Videmus: DashCam-Pro

Professional, single, front-facing camera solution. DashCam-Pro is the ideal solution for smarter fleet cars and smaller vans.

Videmus: MultiCam

Up to 16 lenses per vehicle, all-round 360⁰ views: no matter what shape or size those vehicles are, we can fit lenses to give you great views all around, all the time.

Videmus: Sentinel

Site accommodation solutions: connecting your cabins and all their equipment to your HQ team with green technology that gives you better control.

Videmus: Connect

We make video even more powerful by adding context, automation and analysis. Videmus: connect is a contextual frame for your video – displaying video alongside route maps, vehicle information, driver information, telematics, and even dashboard data (such as indicator-use, braking, speed, etc).

Videmus: Interpres

Connect and report existing on-board technology, even analogue. Whatever you monitor: weight load on your axles, temperature in refrigerated units, cement mix consistency, or any other variable, Videmus: Interpres is a smart on-board interpreter between your mission-critical monitors and our live-reporting and analysis tools.

FMS integration

Our solution offers two-way API integration. Meaning that, where your FMS provider allows it, we can plug-in to their platform so that you can see our technology in your familiar portal – just as we do with WEBFLEET. When allowed, this gives single-click access from FMS to LiveView video streaming, video request, and VideoMatics.


DashMatics offers a way to make video evidence even more powerful, by pulling data from the on-board vehicle systems .A virtual dashboard shows how your vehicle is being driven – perfectly timed to coincide with the video. A correlation that is protected, no matter what speed you choose to play your video.


VideoMatics is a single point-of-access for reporting, visualising and analysing all your on-board technology and data. The way vehicles are being used, fuel efficiency, idling time, driving events – we have a tailored report for you: rapid visual understanding, backed up by video as and when needed.

Hi-FIVE Security

Our Historically Fingerprint-Identified Video Evidence is encrypted at rest, has a unique digital fingerprint, uses a dedicated secure tunnel for point-to-point transmission, and is stored on a secure and reliable litigation-ready online platform. Our systems can prove that your files are authentic – verifiably so.

Real-world results: as reported by Elis
Unsafe driving events cut by: 58%
Speeding virtually eradicated 98%

*as reported in case study captured here in video

0 %
Fuel costs cut by
Carbon emissions cut by (tonnes)
£ 0
Total saving in fuel costs
£ 0
Insurance claims handling saving
The right people, better together
Gavin Urtel

Gavin Urtel

Founder and Managing Director

Somehow, no matter how busy he gets, Gavin always finds time to care. He is constantly innovating: turning concepts into new realities.

Mark Baker

Mark Baker

Technical Services Manager

Innovation starts with an idea, and then follows a lot of hard work. Mark provides the expertise and technological wizardry.

Sonia Smith

Sonia Smith

Operations Manager

Every company needs a caring ray of sunshine, and Sonia is ours. Plus she has an eye for detail like you wouldn't believe.

Alex Green

Alex Green

Systems Engineer

Ensuring that files flow, data downloads, and video streams - while dreaming of his future as a rock star.

Warrick Druian

Warrick Druian

Key Account Manager

As well as keeping our customers content, informed and fully supported, Warrick is a true gentleman, and also a budding screenwriter.

Workshop team

Workshop team

Building, testing, remote support

Our workshop team are an amazing bunch of people. They build and test the complex kit that goes on to your vehicles.

Admin Team

Admin Team

The superpower behind every business

Every business relies on a hidden team of heroes who keep it afloat. They are the oil in the motor that drives our business.

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Don't just take our word for it! We're very happy to share what our customers have told us:


Textile, hygiene and facilities services

"No more sketches, no more chasing people for written accounts. We know what happened, can prove what happened, close the case and move on. At Elis, ICanProve.IT cameras (working from within WEBFLEET) are one of the best investments we've ever made."

Lime Logistics

Lime Logistics

Keeping the Construction Industry Moving

"The Videmus surveillance system has transformed the way we [@Lime Logistics] connect our office and on-the-road teams. From their cabs, our drivers can share real-world experiences; we are by their side, seeing their point of view."

ULS & son Ltd

ULS & son Ltd

trusted transport and transfer company

"The ICanProve.IT team have been great.” The key thing for ULS has always been, and will always be, looking after the people he employs and, as he puts it, “Our drivers are over the moon.”

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