With 700 vehicles, most of them heavy-goods vehicles and constantly on the road, Elis (formerly Berendsen) have had telematics support for some time. But they were looking for something more proactive, something better-suited to their changing needs.
Following a successful trial, Elis have been combining advanced telematics from TomTom with integrated 360⁰ video capture from ICanProve.IT.
It’s really working for them.

Peter Kelly

Elis Group Compliance and Fleet Manager
quickly noticed changes:

“With this great system, I am in continuous and effective control of my vehicles and drivers at all times.”

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Real-life findings

  • Claims instantly resolved
  • No more manual data downloads
  • Driving up safety standards
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Higher fuel economy

Proactivity in action

Daily fleet management is simpler, with automated download of driver tachograph data, a single app for accessing all resources, and so much less paperwork. Peter Kelly and other Elis staff have been impressed by what this technology has already achieved. And, thanks to the proactive and collaborative nature of the relationship between ICanProve.IT and Elis, Peter is confident that development, already in the pipeline, will continue to meet their needs and improve their fleet management into 2018 and beyond.


The first critical return on investment came from controlling claims. In the region of five claims a month are now resolved instantly from reliable telematics and video. Let’s face it, spurious claims are endemic. Having professional HD video available – showing all angles and captured with top-of-the-range discrete and rugged cameras from Axis Communications – is quickly transformative. And there is no need to visit the vehicle. Together, this means that Elis drivers can never be unfairly targeted or penalised again.

This aspect is the one that truly won drivers’ allegiance. Until now, it had been challenging for HGV drivers. Often perceived to be the ‘big-bad lorry driver’, they did not feel that their word carried enough weight when there was any dispute. Now their word is proven.


The second major change for Logistics Managers, was that they no longer need to visit vehicles to collect data on driver hours. All the information captured from vehicles, whether video, telematics or tachograph, is automatically uploaded over a secure connection to online analysis platforms. This is the feature that truly won the Logistics Managers’ support for these new technologies. No more need to find vehicles in the yard to download data manually. Plus, the speed and reliability of tachograph data downloads means that infringements can be avoided, not merely reported.


Longer term, the ability to focus on data trends is transforming the way Elis controls its fleet performance. Near-miss events automatically trigger video downloads, and Elis Logistics Managers are sharing these videos with their drivers. Again, the drivers’ side of any story is now supported by video and data. Any training needs are rapidly identified, and the training is informed, targeted and tailored to that need.
Elis is finding this approach to be highly effective. Their drive towards compliance is transformed by having visibility – all-round, digitally fingerprinted, instant or from any point in the last 28 days, from any vehicle, any time. And this means keeping drivers safe – ensuring the highest safety standards on our roads for everyone.

Carbon emissions and fuel economy

Peter Kelly has been very pleased to find fuel economy savings of more than 12% and carbon emissions cut by more than 2000 tonnes. A use of technology that led to Berendsen (Elis was formerly known as Berendsen) being selected as finalists for the FTA logistics award for innovation in 2017, and TomTom Telematics, our partner in this project, won Logistics Partner of the Year.


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