Part of a winning solution

You’ll have to forgive me for sounding a little proud right now. Everyone here at ICanProve.It feels a little glow of reflected glory. We are part of something wonderful – and it is great to be recognised.

At this year’s FTA Logistics Awards, we have a special reason to be rooting for two fantastic finalists:

All the shortlisted companies have done work worth celebrating. But these two are special to us.

The solution we built with WEBFLEET

We are proud to call TomTom Telematics our partner company. We’ve built a brilliant solution together that allows WEBFLEET customers to do more.

Together we are:
Providing high-quality digital video files from within the WEBFLEET portal
  • 360⁰ all-round video from any vehicle, any size
  • Live streaming vision inside and outside your vehicles
  • Historic video files in the event of incidents/ events
Fuel economies for efficiency and environmental savings
Automated trigger events including speeding, swerving, harsh-braking…
Driver behaviour re-education and optimisation
A better, safer, more-connected fleet

What Berendsen have to say

And there are the additional unexpected benefits that Berendsen are now finding. Robert Hitchcock (procurement manager at Berendsen) told me:

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“The positive impact of ICanProve.IT technology on driving behaviour has been incredibly encouraging. The greatest benefit, though, has been when claims do happen. No more sketches, no more chasing people for written accounts. We know what happened, can prove what happened, close the case and move on. At Berendsen, we are using ICanProve.IT cameras, sensors and connectivity daily, and they’re proving to be very helpful.”

Which brings us to the second company we will be particularly following at the award ceremony on 13 December. It is no coincidence that Berendsen – one of our customers – is also up for an award. Nor is it surprising that this award is for innovation. Innovation is what we do, constantly.

Since selecting ICanProve.IT’s technology, Berendsen has made fleet news headlines with its 2000 tonne cut in carbon emission. And this isn’t the only saving that they’re making. The desire to keep their drivers, along with all road users, as safe as possible was a key motivator for Berendsen in choosing ICanProve.IT’s fleet technology.

At ICanProve.IT, we are one part of the reason why these two great companies have been selected as finalists. We are not their only innovative developments. But we have been a critical component. And our MD, Gavin Urtel, will be attending the award ceremony as a guest of TomTom Telematics – in recognition of our contribution. I’m really looking forward to it.

Of course, we’re all very much hoping that our two favourite finalists win prizes on the night. But, either way, I hope you will forgive me for taking this moment to reflect on two things:

  • Choosing ICanProve.IT technology for fleet vehicles is being recognised as 21st century innovation – bringing multiple benefits to companies on the road.
  • I am so proud of how far we have come since launching ICanProve.IT just two years ago.

In order to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, technology has to solve real-world problems. And that is what we have set out to do from the beginning. The selection of our partner and customer as finalists by FTA is a great encouragement.

So, as well as saying well done to our partners and friends for this achievement, I am taking this opportunity to expand on our part in their story – and to say, ‘Good luck’ for the award ceremony on 13 December.