Congratulations to Berendsen – FTA Logistics Award 2017 Finalist

We love our work!

Not only do we get to craft technology that solves real life problems for companies with fleet vehicles of all shapes and sizes, but we also get to see the results with our customers. Together, we’re seeing rapid change with fuel saved, communications transformed, safety enhanced, teams built, and carbon emissions reduced along the way.

Our customers are, without fail, innovative and forward-looking companies. So it’s wonderful to see that being recognised for BERENDSEN, who have just been shortlisted for The FTA Logistics Awards 2017 – Most Innovative Company of the Year category.

The results Berendsen have achieved are so impressive, that they’re already hitting the headlines. And they’re finding other surprising benefits from high-quality video and connectivity, as described by Robert Hitchcock, Procurement Manager at Berendsen Plc:

“The positive impact of ICanProve.IT technology on driving behaviour has been incredibly encouraging. The greatest benefit, though, has been when claims do happen. No more sketches, no more chasing people for written accounts. We know what happened, can prove what happened, close the case and move on. At Berendsen, we are using ICanProve.IT cameras, sensors and connectivity daily, and they’re proving to be very helpful.”

Here at ICanProve.IT, we are very pleased to be a part of Berendsen’s innovative approach to fleet management and logistics, and wish them the very best of luck for the award night on 13th December.