Evidence you can use

Make sure that the video technology you choose for your vehicles is fit for purpose.

I’m not sure if I was surprised to hear recently that 9 out of 10 burglaries remain unsolved, this year, across the UK. Maybe it just confirmed what we all already know. Whatever the reason – austerity, funding, staffing, or priorities – the police cannot protect company assets. And criminals are always on the lookout for a quick and easy win.

And so, it falls to companies to protect their assets and prevent loss.

Tracking your vehicles is a start, but it no longer feels like enough. There can’t be many companies-with-vehicles that haven’t yet thought about getting cameras on board. We’re betting that, by the end of the year, there will be more company vehicles on the road that have cameras, than there will be those without.

So, unsurprisingly, there is an ever-growing and confusing assortment of solutions offering you on-board cameras.

So, here’s the question: why are you capturing video?

If you’re using video to protect your vehicles, then you need to know you can rely on video as evidence. So, you need to check that your video files can be used as proof in a court of law. Digital fingerprinting and secure, traceable online file management are key.

But why stop at protection, when you can look at prevention?

Really, is it enough to use video only after something has gone wrong for your vehicles? Video capture is a living technology. You should be able to view live capture to interact with your teams on the road. For example, to find out what is really going on when a delivery or collection can’t be made.

Too often, video is tacked on to vehicles without proper thought. You can avoid wasting your investment, and reduce your technological debt , by making sure that, whatever camera solution you choose, it’s one that you can be sure to use.

More than that, you need to get better value out of your investment in cameras by using automated video downloads to train drivers to:
  • eliminate speeding events
  • maximise mileage
  • minimise fuel wastage
  • and reduce unsafe driving that results in harsh braking or swerving

Day-to-day, video offers you the possibility to protect your assets, connect to your teams on the road, promote safety, and prevent loss.